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Miss Givings

I am just in the throws of getting my poster off for ‘Miss Givings’. This is a 1st for me, as I can not remember the last time I had to get one printed, other than from my own printer.

As like all things in this process it is a learning curve. Thanks to a good friend, the actual design was brought to life, but should of checked the printers website for format, but printer was very nice and has managed to correct the little mistake of the words being too close to the edge of the flyer.

Still I wait with baited breath until said posters/flyers are printed and with me. Will they be ok for the job?

I will not know completely until I get them, but the thing I do know, is that next time I do this, I will have learned from this experience.

For 1 thing, I needed a white box on the bottom of the posters for the venues to be able to insert their information – that is 7cm by 27cm – I have learned that now – fingers crossed we got that right.

For now, what I can show you is what we have:

Statue of Liberty

We went for a simple look, the idea of tipping the hat to the Statue of Liberty came early on in the plans for the poster, we wanted Anita to look like a copy of, rather than a real version of the Statue of Liberty, so we have taken 1 of Anita’s costumes, which is in itself a copying of the styles of some of the great divas, with a copy of the crown from the statues head to go along with the music which is a copy of the flame, which the statue holds. This is an example of how Anita has the desire to ‘copy’ the greats of show business, plus give a hint of the New York flavour, with the Autumnal feel of Thanksgiving, as the show goes through a year in the life of Anita Boult, starting at 1 Thanksgiving and ending at next year’s Thanksgving – that’s the American setting of Thanksgiving, not the Canadian Thanksgiving.

I love the photo image which Emma Bailey came up with and you would not believe what the actual background looked like and how it took Emma and her assistant, I would say at least half an hour, if not an hour to get the fabric as the background to fall in the amasing way in which she eventually did. You would never know we were in a white room with rafters and a hardwood white floor. With me sitting on a step ladder – oh the magic of theatre!

So the next print job, well after I take a breather after this 1 – the programme, but I am going to give myself at least a week before I start to try and crack that nut…it is never ending when you are producing and performing in your own work….still got the lines for the last scene to really learn well!

Always love to hear your tales and ideas… till next time!

If you are wanting to book tickets for the 1st showing of ‘Miss Givings’ on January 17th at 7:30pm at the Latest Music bar, just go to their website and click on the link to order your tickets – hope to see you there!


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