Debbie Bridge – Voiceover/Actor/Singer


Debbie’s Singing Showreel


Singing at Little Bay Brighton

Miss Givings Trailer

Sampler from ‘Miss Givings’
This is a short sampler of songs for the new up and coming show – ‘Miss Givings’

Sampler from ‘Unknown Celebrity CD’
5 short excerpts from Debbie Bridge’s latest CD

New Zealand Children’s Songs
These are samples of 3 songs I wrote while in New Zealand with my New Zealander husband, John, and I’ve finally got round to having an arrangement put together for them.

Sampler of Musical Theatre songs
This has short excerpts from some of the shows.

Sampler of Operatic Singing
This has excerpts from some arias I sing.

Voice Over Mixed Examples – Commercial
Voice Over sampler with 3 examples of a standard American accent.

Ave Maria
By C. Gounod

Popular choice at Weddings, live performance.

One Hand One Heart
From West Side Story By L. Bernstein

Popular choice at Weddings, live performance.

Re-statement of Romance
By Sydney Vale

New Music Brighton, live performance.

NMB website a contemporary piece