Debbie Bridge – Voiceover/Actor/Singer


Debbie Bridge

Debbie Bridge

I’m Debbie Bridge and I live to inspire confidence, power and truth. I have performed for British royalty, children, at Abbey Road Studios, the Savoy Theatre and to people on the London Underground.

I’m a traveller at heart. I’m pleased that singing has taken me to Europe, South Africa, North America and Australia, but I never know where I’m going next, sound nuts, I know, but that’s the life of a singer. You never know when the next gig is coming or where?

I’ve spoofed an operatic Princess Leia, have been a water pistol, raffle ticket selling gay cabaret singer (don’t tell my husband!), sung in the West End and I’ve coerced, with my song, sparkling wine from picnicking audience members.

My favourite moments when singing are when I can see someone moved to tears because of the incredible connection I get to make when performing. My favourite response after a gig has been, ‘I managed to put my fork into my cheek (twice) and bit my tongue.’

So that’s the effect I want to have on everyone who sees my work, that amazing bond that can only be shared by a singer and her audience.

It moves lives.

Come investigate yours!