Debbie Bridge – Voiceover/Actor/Singer

Weddings/Cival Partnerships

“A BIG THANK YOU for making our day that little bit extra special. You brought tears to my eyes when you filled the church with your amazing voice. I cannot thank you enough. You were truly outstanding.”
Michelle Breen

Debbie Bridge sings for your wedding/civil partnership.

Debbie Bridge sings for your wedding/civil partnership.

Your wedding is the most important day of your life and you want everything about it to be perfect. Giving time to your choice of music will make your wedding a truly memorable celebration for you and your guests. A short performance before the bride arrives and/or during the signing of the register can help set the ambience for the occasion, enhancing the moment for your friends and family.

Having sung at many wonderful weddings, I can help lift your ceremony to another level, ensuring it is an enjoyable experience for everyone. As the music you choose needs to reflect the style of your service, we will be able to discuss your preferences before the event so that we can get the interpretation just right for your most special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need decide on music? The sooner the better – around 3 months prior is a good timescale. It’s often the thing left to the last-minute but careful consideration can make a huge difference as it can be quite time-consuming to decide on both music and, if relevant, which hymns you both like as the right combination will reflect your ceremony when having a church wedding.  Please note, that most civil partnerships/marriages may not be able to use religious music.

Debbie Bridge sings for your wedding or civil partnership.

Debbie Bridge sings for your wedding or civil partnership.

What if I don’t know what music to use? I can discuss ideas with you about the atmosphere you want to create with music and suggest pieces to choose from. This can include ideas for hymns as well.

If I know what music I want, can you do it? I am happy to learn a particular piece for your wedding but do bear in mind that a church often only has an organ or piano. So if you want something of a more popular nature, we may need to consider a backing track which you would need to provide – or the relevant sheet music or recording if I don’t already have it.

For most civil partnerships/marriages backing tracks are the only way or A capella – just the solo voice, no backing tracks.

How many years have you been singing? I have been singing professionally for over ten years including many wedding ceremonies. I have also performed in the West End with the D’Oyly Carte opera company, performed for members of the Royal Family and toured all over the world with a wide variety of opera and production companies.

How soon should we book you and how much will it cost? As soon as possible! My diary books up very quickly.

For a quotation, please email me with your phone number and we can discuss your requirements.

To get quotes for prices or any other questions, please contact her here.

When in the ceremony is the best time to have a singer? Most people choose a performance during the signing of the register but I can also sing as you walk down the aisle and/or back and at your reception. Fees are based on the chosen number of pieces; whether there is a need for any instrumentalists and the length of time involved. I can recommend harpists, guitarists, quartets, etc. if required.

I would like to make a video/music recording of the ceremony, are there any extra costs? Yes, under the Incorporated Society of Musicians code of practice and copyright laws, there is a charge for any recordings made of my performance.

I’m happy to liaise with the church/venue to confirm what facilities they have to produce the musical effect you want or I can simply advise you.

Whatever questions you have with regards to the music for your ceremony, I would be pleased to help you. I look forward to hearing from you!

To get quotes for prices or any other questions, please contact her here.