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In Another Country

Granville Market

My trusty steed!

Well, I have made a firm landing in Canada, been here 3 weeks and behind on my work, but loving the new experiences, friends and places. Can never complain about how beautiful it is here! We already have the spring flowers out. Still, it’s taken me till today to start singing again, but have been doing the admin – why is that? Why is it that sometimes the emails and such seem to be more of a draw on my attention than the whole reason I do what I do? Still don’t have an answer, but am glad that I am singing again.

At least a few weeks ago, I had to prep some monologues, so have already been exercising that part of my brain. I have decided to help me to facilitate some of the singing, that I am going to start busking at Granville Island.  It’s a great place to hang out and has 10 theatre companies in the area – who knows?

So, anyway, I had planned today to be my 1st day, but part of my plan was to do it on sunny days, where there is a higher chance of people being there, but it’s raining and it’s forecast to do so for the whole week – bummer. I didn’t let that stop me entirely, I figured it was time I start to get the vocal pipes going, so that’s what I did, I did 1 set that I’ll be using, to get the muscles moving again. (I think it’s a good thing that I will have a few days to get the muscles moving, I’m feeling my ‘rest’.)

Also, the biggest challenge I am facing is learning how to organise things and work from afar – this is the good news – I’ve got some gigs coming up in the Fall in Australia, but there is a lot of toing and froing I’ve never had before. Plus dealing with the pre-booked venues for ‘Miss Givings’. Reading and signing contracts, only have emails to really communicate, and then things changing – ack!

Oh well, what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger. Speaking of making me stronger, I’m cycling around the excellent bike paths in Vancouver. Here’s a picture of my trusty steed I’m loving it! Plus it’s getting me into pretty good shape, as the hills here are like mountains in Brighton.


Queen Elizabeth Park – Mom and Dad

So to round it all off, I haven’t told you how I am living here, as my immediate family don’t live in Vancouver, so I have started to do house/pet sitting, what a great way to stay in the city, stay in great places and have some gorgeous pets to share the space! I can highly recommend it.

Here is my current dog sit, his name is Strider:

So I sign off this blog today with a big Happy Birthday to my Mom! It was nice to be here for the big day! We actually had a great day for it! This was taken at Queen Elizabeth park.

What great days have you had while working abroad?


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