Debbie Bridge – Voiceover/Actor/Singer

I always wanted to fly…


My Covent Garden busking outfit.

Hands gripped to the controls of the plane, buzzers going off, lights flashing, teeth clenched, haven’t got an idea what I’m doing, I’m holding on for dear life on a steep incline and hoping and praying that holding on will be enough to get me there…

That’s what I have felt like since I have taken on the role of Chairman of the American Actors UK (AAUK) on January 20th.

I am sure this is just me getting used to this new avenue in my life, but boy it is a steep learning curve. Strangely enough I am lov’n it. I have a great committee of people to work with and already things are moving along and I look forward to these next 2 years.

So I move from the heady heights of Chairmanship of AAUK to the lowly, but lovely streets of London or to be exact, under the streets on the London Underground. Something I have just started to do since the beginning of January of this year. Just today I had a woman walk up to me and say “I just didn’t believe that it’s your real voice and not a recording.” The public never cease to amaze and surprise me, my favourite is when they ask me a question while I am singing – how I am meant to be able to sing and respond to their question I am not sure? I suppose I could try singing a response, but the strange thing I believe people don’t always realise I tend to be listening to my music to make sure I am in time with it, not to the question they may be asking. It is very much like talking to someone who is talking to you; it is very difficult to hear someone when you are to talking to them at the same time. I do like it when they clap, that’s really cool, or give me a £10 note – very nice! 1 of my favourites I have heard is: “She’s actually really good!” when people walk by.

So in and amongst the chairmanship and under street performing I have also decided to produce and act in a short 10 minute play which I fell in love with last year, called ‘At Night in Praha‘ by American playwright Steve Capra.

Once again, this is new ground for me, as I have never produced a play before. I have got wonderful fellow actor friends who are working with me on this. Without them, it would not have the life and enthusiasm, plus, it is great to do good work with good people. We have a proposal to put on our little play at a local theatre, so now we sit and wait to see if we make the final cut…. I will have to let ya know what happens next time!

I fear I am starting to be the victim of my own success, but it is the drive of this performer and boy is it alive and well. To think that performers are often thought of as ‘flaky’ and ‘unreliable’ – not a bit of it! I cannot wait till I reach cruising speed and put things on automatic pilot for a while, at least until I may have to land a few of these projects.

Would love to hear your flying experience! Off into the blue yonder for now….


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