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To Brand or not to Brand? – a Singers Dilemma

A singers life is not what it used to be. The terminology just boggles my mind. I read an article recently that states, “to make it in the entertainment industry, performers need a Brand.”

I can honestly say that Branding 101 may have been a bit more useful to my career than theory of music 101.

Still, I’m battling on trying to make sense of what branding is and how to create it. I’ve been going to business events in my local area to get a better understanding of how business works. Through this networking I’ve managed to meet with a business Guru and was asked, “If I was a car, what sort of car would I be?” And they say artsy people are out there, but at least I can relate and find it easy to answer, even if it seems a crazy way to find my ‘brand’.

Then I’ve been thrown into another foreign term: U.S.B. (unique selling point just to clarify for those in the singing/music world & aren’t business savvy). Is it just me or are there others that find describing my U.S.P. is rather impossible? The suggestion of stepping outside of myself and looking at me from a ‘customers’ point of view seems, well literally, physically impossible, if not a bit painful. So I’m faced with the dilemma of how do I get past this if I don’t have the skills or budget to do it? (This may be a surprise to you, but artist really do not earn the big bucks, I definitely fall into the struggling multitudes).

So continuing to wade through this new and exciting time where business language meets musical terms and people, hopefully, I will come back to you soon with ‘my Brand’ – all shiny and new – like that BMW car I see myself as (convertible, British racing green and 2 seater. Vroooom!)


4 thoughts on “To Brand or not to Brand? – a Singers Dilemma

  1. johann

    you go gurll..get that business head working! and yes, we like racing car green, especially on a two seater
    x johann

    ‘branding’ is already passe was just an invention by Advertising creatives to keep big clients when the internet started throwing up success stories with no above the line exposure..think Russell Brand, who grew his fanbase on the internet..think podcasts like, say, Ricky Gervais, and basically when all the sattelite and cable television broadcasting threatened to topple the old ITV network dominance… CONTENT is the new branding.. and guess what? i am no business guru, but I give this kinda advice/insight away free! MWAH

  2. Paul

    I don’t usually read blogs Debbie, but as you are a mate I’ve looked at yours!

    Interesting stuff – I don’t really buy into branding or all the other buzz words & processes these marketing & networking people throw about.

    Its just best to do what you wanna do, work off of intuition & apart from utilising integrity, don’t follow any rule books (or strategies) by simply making your own path to tread. That’s pretty much how life goes – it’s an organic process & apart from helping yourself with your own luck making & things that you can control within your own destiny, trying to manipulate anything more than that just doesn’t work!

    X X X

    Paul Mex

  3. Vocal Mistress

    Thanks Paul for your response. I don’t disagree with what you say, but I must say that this process of finding a brand has really helped to find that identity and a lot of instinct has gone into the idea behind what I’ve been looking at.

    I’m far too creative and have been in this game long enough to know that there is a perfect formula that works. I’m just not one of those people who will follow the corporate line, I’ve always been my own individual. This has just helped me put that individually into words, so that others may find it easier to understand what I do and why.


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