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Learning Curve

Yes, it’s true, I’ve finally found a train ride to London to write another Blog. My time seems always so filled, but with great ‘learning curves’ of late. The latest being simple edits to my showreels and a ‘Little Bay’ short video.

That aside, the biggest ‘learning curve’ is around ‘Miss Givings’ – a one-woman play with music about Anita Boult – a musical superstar wannabe from Peekskill, New York. I’ve produced my own work before, but this project is much bigger and, will hopefully, show the benefits for my efforts.

I’m pleased we have a website page, facebook page and short video – a great place to start from for publicity. The new things for me are looking for funding, posters/flyer design and contacting theatres/touring skemes. The former can be a bit scarey, as I can’t say asking for money has ever been a past-time I like or have done much of. Still, it’s always good to step out of my comfort zones, as my experience has been that these are the places I grow so much as a person and as a performer. Plus, every little triumph – venue booked, video edited, poster created, photo shot is such a great feeling, along with all the line learning, meetings with the Director, Costume Designer, Writer, Venue, etc. Good thing I didn’t know the full extent of the work load, I may not have been so brave to put on my own one-woman show. Still my confidence grows from each hurdle jumped.

Also, I’m very grateful to all those who are a part of the ‘team’ of people helping to put this on. I had no idea how many people get involved in even a project for one actor.

I’m curious if any of you have had similar experiences of doing your own thing and managing your own team? How has that gone for you and what did you learn?

Our 1st full show of ‘Miss Givings’ will be at the Latest Music Bar and tickets are on sale on the website. I look forward to seeing or hearing from you and bring 5 other friends – make it a night out!

Anita Boult – Miss Givings


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