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Hyper-extended Soprano

Just recently I went to the doctors in regards to physical ailments I’ve been having with 1  hip.

It seems I have joints which hyper extend or as I know it are double jointed. I’ve heard about this when I was a child and I would see other girls be able to do the splits and I struggled, but it seems you can have hyper mobility, but not necessarily everywhere. In my case, it seems it’s in a lot of places I don’t necessarily notice it except in my fingers. It’s been a great one for making people feel quite ill when I bend them right back…he he!

Bendy Fingers

Bendy Fingers

Anyway, what I didn’t know that there is a lot of problems that come with such lovely tricks. It seems that chronic pain, hyper sensitivity; depression, fatigue, and much more are some of the down sides of such joint ability. For me, it’s helped me to understand the years of tiredness are a direct result from being in pain a lot of the time.

I would love to hear from other singers to see what they have found to be the benefits or drawbacks for the same sort of problems, especially on how they’ve managed over the years, as opera singers. Also, if you know of any websites that are particularly good at helping out or giving information on such ailments, in particular in relation to singers!

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