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Creating Your Own Work – what has that got to do with Deadpool?

Coming from the operatic singing background, the idea of creating your own work isn’t a new 1, but, of course, it’s 1 of the biggest things people talk about for those periods when you just don’t have work coming in, as it really helps to keep feeding that artist in us – whether that be the singer or actor or both, in my case.

1 man show

1 man show

For me, I created Miss Givings, this was a showcase for me to show both sides of my talent, as well as my diversity within both talents.  It was a long time in the growth of the idea and then, once I had clarity I was going to do it, finding the writer and director became my next priorities and I was fortunate, like all great ideas, they were found through my network of local people I know and appreciate their talent.

Anita Boult in Miss Givings

Anita Boult in Miss Givings

So, what has this got to do with Deadpool, the film that is so big in all the cinemas?  Well, this is it, it’s a project that actor Ryan Reynolds wanted to create for himself.  So, whatever level you are at in this business, if you haven’t already started to realise that this is a huge part of what your skill set is gonna require, then best get on board now, as it doesn’t get any easier to learn how to make projects come together both for you and your performing buddies.



What I’ve gained by doing this:

Confidence, network with locals to get to know them better, project management skills, experience I can use on my CV, my own production company which has already made 3 short films, one show and collaborated on other projects, work, great monologues that no one else knows, friends, respect, understanding of various other roles/jobs in my network – so huge amount of appreciation for those who fullfill them, photos, showreel material, agents, editing abilities, etc.

So if you have an idea – make it happen and you will be amased at what this may open up for you!

What project have you made work or would like to make work?  Share below!


One thought on “Creating Your Own Work – what has that got to do with Deadpool?

  1. pepi

    I think Ryan Reynolds is an amazing example on how you can create your own work and pursue an idea that you know will work. He was slowly but surely focussed in the goal that was closer to his heart! I think that the “Deadpool” way is the good way to achieve things! Well written post and good insights! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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