Debbie Bridge – Voiceover/Actor/Singer

Acting Singer vs. Singing Actor

Impulse Theatre

This was a photo of us from Top Girls at the Impulse Theatre

For the last 2 years I have had the great experience of working with Scott Williams and the Impulse Theatre Company in London, learning Meisner acting technique. I think I’m 1 of a very small operatically trained singers who have chosen to learn this acting technique.

I’m now coming to the end of my 2 years and am about to play Isabella Bird, Joyce and Mrs Kidd in Carol Churchill’s, Top Girls, and wondering how do I be myself? Am I the acting singer or the singing actor? To be honest, I fell I’m both, but does this mean I have to market my work in 2 different ways to 2  different arenas of the performing arts or just choose 1 and run with that for awhile?

Recently, I had some advice to do the later; say I’m actress with singing as a skill.

I wonder, if there are others out there who have faced the same dilemma or who are going through the same thing?

I’d love to hear your experiences.


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