Debbie Bridge – Voiceover/Actor/Singer

A Delicate Balance – Work/Life

Well, this is not an original topic but, it seems to be one I’m always battling. I seem to spend a lot of time working at the administration work of being a singer and a lot less at the actual act of singing! It always seems like everyone else just gets work so easily, so how do they do it?

If you are 1 of those, who the work just keeps rolling in, please let me know your secret.

I have got all the usual systems in place – website, an agent, constantly trolling wherever I can for auditions, etc… It’s just never ending and it never seems to take off of its own fruition.

To give you any idea, take a look at my diary on my website. That will give you an idea of what is actually on the horizon. There are a lot of possibilities, but only a few confirmed events.

So if any of you have any pointers on what I could do to help get more performing work, please get back to me, I’d love to hear from you or if you are struggling like me, I would love to hear your struggles as well!

Speak to ya soon!


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