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A business trip…


Hopefully you are all aware, I am soon off for a week to Buxton, which I hear is beautiful and in the heart of the Peak District in England! An area I have wanted to go and stay in for awhile and what a better positon to be in than going there to do a show – ‘Hamlet’.

Many of you native based may know Buxton for it’s bottled water.

This trip is a dream come true in many ways! I am working with a director I have been trying to work with for 3 years. You see, our director for ‘Hamlet’ has her own company called ‘Butterfly’ and I first met Aileen Gonsalves in the final year of my Meisner acting studies and she is 1 of the few directors, I know of, who works in the Meisner style. So for 3 years, I have been emailing her about what I am doing and where, only to come back from Canada to find she has emailed me asking me to audition for this production of ‘Hamlet’.

I can’t tell you how excited and thrilled I was; that all those years of doing the ‘right thing’ to then finally get the audition and then, golden egg time – the part! I am playing Gertrude, Hamlet’s Mother in this 1 hour version of ‘Hamlet’. It is fast paced, to say the least, as it requires us to get the normally 3 to 4 hour play across in 1 hour and then do it 3 times a night!

To be honest, we will not know if it is night or day, as an added bonus, our ‘Hamlet’ is set in the bowels of the earth – Poole’s Cavern! So the audience promenades through the caves while we do the play – the actors never leave the stage, so to speak, we just pop in and out ghostly players in this highly inventive and exciting ‘Hamlet’. So what better business trip could I ask for?

This is a part of my work I just love, seeing parts of the UK while doing what I love. I love to tour and I have been very fortunate to see many parts of the UK, more than many natives! So Buxton will soon be a joyous addition to that list of towns I have been lucky enough to see.

To book tickets, just click on any of the highlighted ‘Hamlet’s. Rumours are it usually sells out, so better get them earlier rather than later!

Where is the best place you have ever toured to?



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